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Friday, September 16, 2011

What the he#% is going on?!

The ship has been sinking...and fast! The "ship" being all the progress our marriage has made since beginning DD! I got sick, really sick with Strep. In fact, I've had so many infections this year that they are pulling my tonsils on the 23rd. Well, being sick started the inconsistency and the inconsistency stayed after I started feeling better. So, 7 days passed with no punishments and for sure, when punishments were due! I've been disrespectful, defiant and broken just about every freaking rule! We were fighting again...yelling...hateful...just bad! He kept saying, "What has happened? What is wrong with you? What the he#% is going on?!"

I think it hit us both at the very same time. As much as I didn't want to admit it and sure as heck didn't want to say it, I needed to be spanked...I needed consistency...and NOW!

Well, spanked is exactly what I got. I lost count of how many but it wasn't too far in before I started bawling my eyes out. That's a first! It hurt...yes, but my heart hurt worse! I had felt lonely, like he didn't care about me anymore and...widowed! But, as soon as the spanking began, I felt myself slide right back where I was supposed to be and I felt like he cared again! Now, my backside is feeling it today but my hear fills full!

Lesson Learned: Do NOT backslide on DD! The results SUCK!

Friday, September 2, 2011

I really want to comment!!! Help!

Hey everyone! I can't figure out why Blogger won't let me comment on your comments! I'm frustrated! I have tried to go to the "help" section but no answers! Anyone else have trouble with this in the beginning?