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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The HoH is getting awfully comfortable...

in his HoH role! Not only is he getting comfortable, he's becoming conniving and devious, like I have heard about alot of other HoH's. It's almost as if he is pleasured by his new role! Hubby added a few rules that include breaking an addiction and a daily task. Well, I didn't complete either one on Monday, but I was honest with him as we rolled into bed. He acted as if he didn't care so I went on to sleep. Yesterday night rolled around and I had completed one, but failed in the other. I again was honest and told him. He smirked.

"Why are you smiling like that? Are you going to punish me?"

"Not tonight..."

"What do you mean, not tonight?!"

"I'm adding them up..."


"Yup! Yesterday, today...."

"You can't do that! That's not fair."

"Yes, I can, I'm the HoH"

"What?! Spank me now! I'll take it now!"


The next ten minutes consisted of me begging, pleading with him not to add them up but to punish me now, spank me now. let's negotiate and more. I was basically begging to be spanked and now! WTH?!

He again said, "Nope."

He was pleased with himself making me wonder, think, cringe and so on....

To be continued....


  1. Ahhhh, he's "sadistic"!!! Beware of the "cumulative" punishments!!!!!!!!


  2. OMG mine does exactly the same thing - he adds them up for one hell of a spanking. Its so not fair. Its like letting me have enough rope so that i can hang myself. He does it with my exercise rule - he even acknowledges it to me directly. I still keep flounting it though.
    I didnt get punished last night for breaking a couple of rules. But its his decision at the end of the day to punish or not to punish. NO point in arguing.

  3. Mine has been known to count from time to time, especially when we are out for the day and I'm giving him some sass. He's a big fan of what works...and it sure does work!

  4. Mine never adds them up, in fact its almost too immediate. He doesn't believe in waiting..grrrr. He says "let's take care of business" and so we do. Blech.

  5. Kai tried to add them up for a while but I felt like postponing it like that was ineffective and frustrating to me. I hope this works out for you two.

  6. Mr. Man doesn't wait... it's done right then. If we are out, it's as soon as we get home. He started doing that when He saw what a frickin basket case I'd become having to even wait until that evening. baaasket case of anxiety! Ick!

  7. We've missed you lately on the Network chats. While I'm glad to see you and your husband settling into your DD roles, come back to the Network!!

  8. Well, the adding up is starting to become very frustrating. We have been working on changing that!