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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

No need for maintenance...

Sunday was day 8 in our DD lifestyle. I had only had 2 spankings and had weasled my way out of a few when Sunday afternoon brought a twist. Just leaving Church, a small miscommunication/misinformation happened in which hubby bear decided to describe as me, having a rant. Now, I wasn't having a "rant" until I heard him describe it as a "rant." Then, I began to feel the heat rise in my core, ladies know what I'm talking about. I'm not sure anything can cool down that heat. It got worse. We began to discuss loudly, with kids in tow. First rule broken. Then I really did begin to rant! Second rule broken. I wouldn't let it go. Third rule broken. I was doomed, but pissed anyway. Then he said the inevitable, "I am not going to ENABLE you!" Oh, hell no with finger snaps and all! "ENABLE ME?!" What the hell is that supposed to mean?! The heat inside me became a fire! I mean, what is he enabling? Does he want me to rant? Oh, I can rant baby! Just you wait! Well, just as a true rant was about to unfold, he walked away. He went outside to work on the farm and I was left to stew. I hopped on the network. Now, my good friend Kay, she is so wise! She let me vent! She even vented with me a little bit! Then she basically said, "You guys need have to talk and if you broke the rules, you have to accept the punishment." Well, it was true, I had broken the rules. I calmed down and came to accept that I would be in trouble. Same scenario as always, kids to bed, lecture and spanking. This was the worst spanking yet, but afterwards, everything was better, no resentment, anger, bitterness and definitely no rants! ;-) Afterwards, the HoH informed me with a smirk on his face, "I was going to do maintenance tonight, but no need, because you broke the rules anyways!"


  1. Oh, the rant! And to hear "calm down" -- are you kidding me? Has that EVER worked? Having one another to vent to may help save our rears a lot of pain. Kay gave you very sound advice.
    And it's always good to reconnect!

  2. i agree with Rogue but sometimes just sometimes we just let rip and unfortunately we feel the end result. Kay did in deed give good advice :) we have to own up to what we do. Good for you guys :)

  3. Wow, my rants never get warmed up. Its "to the bedroom (or shed) NOW!' If its not toooo bad, he might let me try to calm down. But usually even starting a rant means I am toast. I long for, dream about, WISH I could just throw a proper fit once in awhile!

  4. I hate the word rant! My Mother was/is a ranter! I don't want to become her so really he is just guiding me but it sucked hearing it anyway!