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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pull your pants down!

I shook my head to be sure that's what I heard. He said, "that's right, get over my knee." I saw he had the paddle in hand, the same paddle I had bought to reinforce good behavior from the kids. He firmly pulled me over his knee and began....

((Swat)) Ouch

((Swat)) Ouch...squirm

((Swat)) squirm...whimper

((Swat)) Oh my gosh...I'm dying!

I sat up and stopped him, grabbing him around the neck and and hugging him tightly. He comforted me for a moment and lectured me a bit. I really had not done anything, well, except for our entire marriage's worth of disrespecting and defying him. He then said,

"You don't decide when we're done! I decide when we're done! And for that, you are getting 5 more!"

He commenced with 5 more that were harder than the first 4 and trust me, I didn't wiggle or squirm. I took it, because I had earned it for being defiant (which I'm super great at) and I knew he was perfecting his new role as HOH!

Afterwards, he held me, comforted me, loved me and talked to me. He asked me about my feelings and told me his. WE WERE CONNECTING for the first time EVER! The feelings were all over the place, but amazing! I knew then and there that we had entered the DD lifestyle and there was no turning back.

I had always wondered what made the "relatives" marriage so amazing. What was their secret? They had their share of family and financial issues. But, they always seemed so strong! Now, I knew! The feelings and response after the spanking shocked us both. I can honestly say that the first spanking changed everything for us and my feelings of respect, admiration and love for my HOH were stronger than ever!

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  1. Oh wow! What a way to start it! Yeah, the spankings hurt! But the communication, the connecting, those feelings of new respect and his of cherishing...that's what makes it so worth it! Know that as you go along this journey I'm always here for ya if you ever need anything! Hugs!

    Kay :)